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Health Plus® 1500mg full spectrum tincture

Health Plus® Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture Drops are formulated using top quality full spectrum hemp extract blended with high-grade

Health Plus® Mini Bath Bombs

Enjoy a choice of 6 different scents to create your own 4 pack of 25mg each CBD bath bombs. ***

Health Plus® Mood and Focus

Life is stressful! Often at times there can be a million things going on that we must deal with. It

Health Plus® Joint Formula Chocolate Mocha

We all put wear and tear on our bodies, from work, school, everyday activities or sports. Over time things start to really add up, don’t they? We proudly introduce to you a revolutionary product to help assist with joints, flexibility and relief. With our patented NEXT CBD™ Nano emulsion technology you are getting increased bio-availability that is truly fast acting. With the use of this technology there is no longer a fear of everything being broken down in the stomach and going to waste. Experience not only the benefit of our joint formula but also the added benefit from the Bovine collagen for skin, hair and nails.

Health Plus® Sleep and Relaxation formula

We understand that life can be stressful. Many of us lay awake at night worrying about bills, family, friends, our

Health Plus® Pet Product

Let’s face it they aren’t our pets but our family. We love to watch them grow and play and be

Health Plus® Sugar Scrub

Introducing our amazing hemp derived CBD infused sugar scrub. It’s a wonderful blend of fruit scents, you’ll love the way

Health Plus® Lotion

Moisturize and rejuvenate your skin with our blend of multiple oils including our patented nano emulsion NextHemp™ technology. Nano particles