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This stuff really works! I am an “instant gratification” kind of person. Within one week of taking the joint formula my knees and lower back feel so much better. And the chocolate flavor is so good it’s like a treat. I highly recommend this product if you are suffering from joint pain of any kind.


I have been taking these daily and they definitely give me energy, but the focus and mood has increased tremendously which have helped with my performance at work. The best part is that my anxiety and depression have decreased so much that I have completely stopped taking my prescription medication. This is a huge life saver for me. Can’t recommend it enough.


I purchased on the recommendation from my vet. I have five dogs, four with special needs ranging from hip dyspepsia, epilepsy, digestive issues and old age. I have been using for 3+ months and see a remarkable difference. No stomach upset, better mobility and although the little one suffers seizures, they have become less frequent and much more mild. Thanks for a great product!….just ordered the joint/mood/mobility for my husband…we too are getting creaky.

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